We put energy efficiency at the forefront of our lighting options. This makes us commited to providing low energy lighting solutions for our customers.

When lighting the outside of a property you can use much lower wattage lamps than those used to illuminate inside a property as you are not competing with other light sources – for example if you were in a field in the country with no other surrounding light you could easily see a light up to 5 miles away from a house.

We aim to keep the lights local to the area you are trying to illuminate like an adjustable light over a BBQ area rather than one big flood light on the back of the house that lights the whole area. Again, lighting a driveway entrance looks better using low level individual bollards rather than one big security light.

We are sympathetic to the environment and your neighbours in our design. Low energy LED lamps are also now very popular and have a lower carbon rating than most lamps on the market and help to reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.