Extra Garden Lighting

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Have you ever thought about installing extra garden lighting?
Once the garden has been cabled, it is much easier to add in additional lighting at a later date.

This week, one of our customers asked if we could enhance and add to the lighting system we installed last summer.

The customer has added extra plants and shrubs to the garden beds and wanted to illuminate and bring them to life with the rest of the garden spotlights.

As the armoured cable has already been installed around the garden perimeter it made it much easier to add extra lighting sets and keep the cost low.

add garden lighting to your flower beds


The end result gave a better and correctly balanced all round illumination.

Perhaps you’ve had garden lighting installed for a little while and would like to spruce it up or make changes to fit new assets in your outside space. There’s always room to add more or to make changes and we’d love to sit down with you and guide you through the options that you could have.

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