Garden Lighting Can Be Simple

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Do you have a plant or flower that would make a great feature piece within your garden?

Perhaps it’s already a feature but as the evening draws in or night time comes, it gets forgotten.

This doesn’t have to be the case and there’s a simple solution which can transform your plant into a great focal point at night time and will give you the chance to enjoy it whether it’s day or night.

Good garden lighting can be very simple and doesn’t have to cost much. There are many option that you could explore and here is a pretty and simple example of how to achieve that.

 outside garden lighting


This plant is nicely illuminated on both sides by two 5w LED raised spike spotlights in black.

They cast warm lighting up the feature plant, picking out the interesting individual leaves.

As the plant grows and flowers, the spotlights can be re-angled and moved back giving flexibility.

The whole display looks clean and unfussy.

If you’re thinking about adding atmosphere or ambience to your outside space and would like a free, no obligation quote, then we’d love to speak with you.

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