Another Day In The Life Of A Garden Lighting Designer

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As we mentioned in our last post – no two days are ever the same and today will prove this as we install lighting around a client’s lake.

The landscape is beautiful with the lake being over 150 yards wide. It’s complimented with a lovely island in the middle and two Jettys and a small boat for getting across.

What has been our biggest challenge for the project?

Getting power down near to the waters edge is always a challenge. In this case we have over 200m of armoured cable which of course has to be buried.

What type of lighting is best for this project?

The type of lighting we have used is raised warm white LED floodlights to project across the water. Of course, being in this environment we have been mindful of the wildlife around the lake so we haven’t used lighting that is too powerful – but enough to have an impact and make a difference.

It’s a lovely view for our clients as they look out over the water in the evening from their outside dining area. With this in mind all the lights have been faced away from the house so not to blind them but to create a beautiful atmosphere.

The whole area will look beautifully lit when they turn on the lights for the first time this evening!

This project has been extremely interesting to work on.

If you have an outside area that you’d love to see lit up beautifully at night time, no job is too big or small – we’d love to come and see how we can create the perfect atmosphere for you. Contact us for a free quote.

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