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Here at Light My Night, no two days are the same. Today, we thought we’d share a little ‘Day In The Life’ of what we’ve been up to!

We’ve come to West Oxfordshire, a beautiful area of the UK with rural downland and forest, and the main activities being farming and associated trades. We’re currently working with a special client who has a beautiful converted barn and a small but stunning and visually impactful back garden. A border runs down each side of the garden packed full of interesting plants, flowers and water features. The minute you step foot into the barn and garden, you feel a real sense of escapism and calm, making the project a real joy to work on.

We previously pinpointed and agreed at the planning stage exactly what the client would like, along with our personal recommendations and expert knowledge. We fitted some special contemporary stainless steel spotlights at specific points in the flower beds, and it really started to come together. The angled spotlights are designed to enhance and pick out the best of each plant and flower, it looked really beautiful.

After installation, we arranged to return at dusk to ensure all the spotlight angles encapsulate the best of each illumination. We snapped these photographs, shook hands, and with a real sense of achievement, and a huge smile on our clients face, we knew our work here in West Oxfordshire was done.

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