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One of the most exciting new areas of garden lighting is being able to use waterproof outside Gobo projectors. These projectors can be mounted on to trees and poles and they project giant images onto a surface, creating a WOW factor.

What is a Gobo Projector?

The Gobo itself (meaning “goes before Optics”) is a small stenciled circular disc that is placed on the projector lamp and then projected out on to the surface.

There are now thousands of images to choose from including forest and nature scenes, foliage, stars, sun, architectural designs etc. You can even have them customized with say your company logo or tailored for special occasions.

These projectors are a fantastic permanent addition to your garden, or alternatively they are brilliant for parties and events.

If you would like to find our more about how to incorporate Gobo projectors in to your garden design, please call Steve direct on 07795 321444 / 01865 460300 or email steve@lightmynight.co.uk.





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