Is Modern Garden Lighting Intrusive?

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You may be concerned that having garden lights may cause an annoyance for your neighbors. However, obtrusive light only occurs when it is badly designed and incorrectly installed.

Still very popular in the U.K are high wattage flood lights which when badly positioned can cause huge problems. They are often used to illuminate a large area for security with a cold, white blinding light which can glare into bedrooms and can not only ruin a good nights sleep, but that of the neighbour’s too. These powerful lights can also potentially influence the natural cycles of our plant and animal environment as well.


At Light My Night we take pride in giving thought to the impact on surrounding properties and wildlife. Installing garden lighting should be energy efficient and provide adequate light, but without over-illuminating. When designed and installed correctly, garden lighting not only enhances the beauty of your outside space, but also offers safety, visibility and security too.

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