Lighting Pathways And Steps

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Lighting pathways and steps should be a very important consideration when designing and installing garden lighting.

It is easy to get carried away highlighting lovely areas of your garden with spotlights etc but forgetting that in the dark the route to these areas crucially needs to be illuminated too.

Paths and steps can be very hazardous in the dark. A good lighting designer should always consider not only balancing the lighting out across the garden in space and brightness, but also tackling any potential health and safety issues when darkness falls.

Bollard lighting and post lighting for pathways and steps are very popular. They run alongside the path and steps and most are 360 degrees giving a soft background light that illuminate pathway/step areas. Some bollard lighting can be angled down just to highlight/concentrate on just the path or steps.

For decking areas and other steps, small led lighting recessed into the side of the steps can be an attractive option too. Again it is a soft light which crucially doesn’t blind you when you are ascending/descending steps.

Led strip lighting is also becoming increasingly popular. Typically it runs underneath a step to illuminate the one below.

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