Lighting Your Pond & Rockery

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Pond lighting and fountain lights are no doubt a great addition to any garden. It might be that you are trying to create a centrepiece with a warm, romantic feel to your pond, or just want to enjoy watching your fish moving about in the evening!

So what do you need to consider when planning your pond lighting?


It goes without saying that water and high voltage electricity can be a dangerous combination, so take care when choosing lighting for in and around your pond area.

LED 12V low voltage systems are always recommended by us as they are very safe. You should be looking out for the products IP (ingress protection) rating. An IP67 or IP68 rating is required for submerging lights underwater. Also, consider the depth of your pond as deep ponds need a stronger lamp output as the water can also get cloudy and be obscured by vegetatation.

Placement is very important for your pond lighting too. Although there is no right or wrong way to do it, you will definitely need to move them around until you achieve the perfect set up! We spend quite a bit of time adjusting while installing garden and pond lighting until we get the perfect placement!

Around the Pond and Rockery

Again, for around the pond and rockery a LED 12v low voltage system is always recommended. The use of Pagoda lights (shaped like a mushroom) project the lighting downwards. It is very subtle and gently lights rocks, plants and flowers.

LED spotlights positioned in between rocks etc can be very good at projecting lights across ponds and highlighting plants shrubs and small trees around the water feature.

There is no doubt that done correctly, a beautiful pond lighting feature can give a real `wow factor` to any garden!

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