Our Guide To Luxury Garden Accessories

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For some of us money is no object when it comes to luxury garden essentials and recently the stakes have been well and truly raised when it comes to outdoor decadence! From weather proof sofas and high end polished dining tables, to super posh exterior lighting and even handcrafted teak cushion storage boxes, the garden has become the latest place to show off.

Check out The Manutti Garden Sofa from Go Modern below at £18,400!

Fed up of having to traipse back into the kitchen when you’re enjoying a day in the garden? Now you can bring the kitchen outside with the Q-Cina outdoor kitchen on wheels priced at £3,000.

This Tribo Tosca Day Bed from Go Modern is more than just luxurious, at a price of £9,000!


This Calma angled garden table from Go Modern has a super smooth surface made from fine layers of minerals such as quartz and Mica. It is moisture, impact,scratch and even fire resistant – so perfect for the garden if you have £10,800 spare!

What value do you put on your garden accessories? Are they a luxury garden item to complement your outdoor space or is cheaper just as good?

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